Lay Tobacco Pipes

Lay Tobacco Pipes Proudly Supplied By Southern Cross Pipes

Before you take ownership of your first clay pipe, you should acquire some knowledge about them. The different types of clay tobacco pipes are known as Slip Cast pipes and Press cast pipes. At Southern Cross Pipes we use the slip cast method to produce our fantastic range of Quality clay Tobacco pipes.

First, we make a mold of the Pipe in Plaster of Paris.

The clay pipes are made with a product called SLIP. What is slip you ask?

It’s a very liquid clay and water mixture. The slip is poured into a Plaster of Paris mold of your pipe. A wire is carefully placed down the length of the stem until it reaches the bowl.The mold absorbs moisture from the slip for about 10 minutes. Then we can empty the remaining slip from the mold. As the moisture is absorbed by the mold the clay is left clinging to the inside.

The mold and contents are left to harden for a few hours. Then the wire is carefully removed and the mold is cracked open revealing your pipe. The clay pipe is still very damp and at this stage, it is said to be in a leather hard state. You can trim any Imperfections at this point easily.

The pipes are dried further until no moisture is present and then fired in a kiln at 1000°C. The clay pipes are now ready to be used as cleanskins or ready for decorating with a color and or clear glaze. When the painting has been completed the pipe is fired in the kiln again at 1000°C. Then you can apply the glaze and refire the pipe one more time at 1000°C. Now your lovely decorated clay pipes are ready to be used or put on display.

Clay pipes that are clearly intended as a display piece will probably not smoke very well and may suffer when you attempt to do any comprehensive cleaning. (Puzzle Pipe)

A clay pipe that is very decorative, but appears to have been designed for actual use will probably smoke as well as any other clay pipe and will not pose any problems when cleaning it.

At Southern Cross Pipes we Research, Plan, Design, Test and Produce the Most Diverse Range of Clay Pipes. We have Calabash, Wedgwood, Masonic to name but a few.

Our handcrafted and painted pipes are of the highest quality.

Our attention to detail shows through our range.

With Over 20 Years of Experience, we can Reproduce almost any Antique Pipe. We have many new unique pipe designs for the modern era on display.

These Bong Pipes remind us of our Past and would make a great Present as a Collector’s item. They are great conversation starters full of history and mystery.

If you would like a Pipe Reproduced or Made to Order Please Don’t Hesitate to Contact Us. Our prices are very reasonable for the amount of work that is involved. You can view how they are Reproduced in our Making a Pipe Page.