Pipe Collection

These Pipes are not just ornamental Pipes, they are actual working pipes that you can smoke. Believe it or not there really is a hole wright down the center of these beautiful pipes. Hence the name PUZZLE PIPES. Its a puzzle to work out how they were made.

Over the past 15 years I have been interested in the intricate designs of the Puzzle Pipe. The Puzzle Pipes were first made in the early 1800 to 1900. During this period when apprentices finished there pottery trade they would make these Puzzle Pipes to show of their workmanship and skills as pipe makers. Antique Puzzle Pipes have grown in popularity and in value as they are getting very hard to find in perfect condition.
I have made many different styles of Puzzle Pipes over the years, your only limited by your imagination.

Ask yourself how did I put the hole down the center of the Stem ???
If you think you know the answer please send me an Email or leave a post.

Platted Puzzle Pipes

The platted section ranges from one strand to three strands, five to seven strands to produce these designs you must have a lot of patients as breakages are frequent.

The looped designs are of a design used in 1800 to 1900 century and is reasonably easy to produce.

The eight to nine loops designs are some of the prettiest designs and colours in the collection.

The Oval Clay Puzzle Pipe

The oval pipe originated in the 18th century and have many variations of designs and colors.


The Circle Clay Puzzle Pipe

The circle pipe design is my own design and is quite unique and difficult to make, at times breakages are many but a perfect result is very rewarding.